About Isodan

About Isodan Engineering

ISODAN® Engineering is a Danish-owned company.

Our expertise lies in development and production of mobile production plants which give recycling material new applications opportunities, contributing to a more circular economy. 

We develop technologies and processes to maximize the potential of recycled materials, promoting sustainability and resource efficiency. 

ISODAN® Engineering are the industry leader in creating innovative recycling  solutions with a special focus on production plants for producing cellulose-based insulation and processing fiberglass & composite materials.

Sustainable Focus

At ISODAN® Engineering, we constantly strive to deliver more environmentally friendly solutions. We aim to contribute to minimizing environmental impact by prioritizing the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Increasingly, we find that customers are seeking solutions that help reduce environmental impact.

ISODAN® Engineering aims to drive development with a focus on the circular economy, and we aspire to reduce our own and our partners’ carbon footprint.

Our production plant is designed to handle a wide range of recyclable materials, including cardboard, paper, fiberglass, and more.
We seek to create more value for the environment with our technology from waste materials in the future.

Professional collaboration

The waste is increasing rapidly, and we want to keep pace with it.
We provide sophisticated solutions that add value to waste materials, we produce and develop tailored technology in cooperation with our customers. Although our customers’ reequipments varies, what we do is actually quite similar.

Our primary task is to develop solutions that make waste materials useful and valuable again

We deliver state of art solutions that are designed to the smallest detail in cooperations with our costumer. We listen to your requirements and desires, and we challenge your workflows, inspiring with various possible solutions to meet your needs.

We are not only working close in the development, our goal is also to ensure that your production plant is operating at their best, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Your return on investment is always our top priority.

ISODAN® Engineering history

ISODAN® Engineering is a Danish-owned company.

The company originates from the ISODAN®, which was founded in 1974 where the first production plant was sold and produced.

Since 1974, it has been a focus area to develop production plants for producing cellulose based insulation, ISODAN® Engineering has been delivering production plants all around the world since.

In 2015, ISODAN® Engineering developed and sold the first production facilities for handling and shredding fiberglass and composite materials. 

Founder Morten Nielsen was aware of the significant challenges for the environment and the big waste problem with wind turbine blades, yachts, surplus material from industry etc.
That led to the development and technonoly behind the production plant for processing fiberglass and composite materials.

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