Frequently Asked Questions

Celullose & fiber

ISODAN provides 10 consecutive days on site for setup of plant and training of staff in operations and maintenance. Further, plant digital control equipped with an internet connection for online diagnostic monitoring and production readout and remote troubleshooting by ISODAN technical staff.

  • Paper
  • Hemp
  • Cardboard
  • Seaweed
  • Textiles
  • Wordfiber
  • Wordfiber
  • Grass

1000 - 2500 kg/h

Yes, we can build in a dust seperation unit.

Lead time for production of a plant is 22 - 26 weeks from order confirmation

Fiberglass & Composite

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The standard 20 ft. container bases ISODAN plant will accept solid materials with size of 70x70x10 cm (27x27x4”).

For the 40 ft. container the sizes will be 1200x1200x120mm.

Electrical power requirement minimum 400 Volts 250 Amp.

The standard bagging system is for two Jumbo Bag filling system with electronic weighing platform. However we are able to provide you with conveyer systems for containers and more.

Our plant will process most composites materials provided that no metal is present as the presence of metal will automatically shut down the plant to prevent possible sparks that may cause fire or explosion within the plant.

Our ISODAN plant will certainly process EOL (end-of-life) wind blades, fiberglass boat hulls, other types of FRP inclusive fiberglass, carbon fiber, bonding resins, gel coats, resins etc. 

The critical spare parts will be the moving mechanical parts such as knives, hammers,

screens, and filter bags. The service intervals will be defined by the type of input materials.

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