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Production plant for producing cellulose-based insulation

At ISODAN® Engineering, we are experts in developing mobile production plant solutions that revolutionize the recycling industry. Our focus is on adding value to recycling materials, specifically cellulose based materials, through our technology.

Environmental Solution

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The system

The ISODAN® Production plant is capable of manufacturing insulation using cellulose based  and fiber-rich materials – and it is custom-designed and built to meet customer specifications.


All of our plants are designed and constructed with a focus on customer-specific requirements such as, capacity, material in & output, user-friendly and more.

Advantages of a mobile insulation manufacturing plant


ISODAN® Recycling and Insulation Systems have become one of the leading pioneers and key players in the innovation of recycling systems and in the use of alternative insulation materials on the international markets.

Loose fiber materials are used as insulation in both new construction and when renovating properties. The insulation material is being installed and blown in by the use of insulation blowing machines, designed and specified for these exact jobs.

In the recycling of cellulose and fiber materials, and in the transformation of the materials into an insulation product, the production plants contribute to solving eminent environment problems on the way to a more sustainable resource approach.

We export our production plants all over the world, we currently have production plants operating in countries ranging from Eastern Europe to South America.

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