Fiberglass & Composite

Production plant for recycling fiberglass & composite materials

At ISODAN® Engineering, we are experts in developing mobile production plant solutions that revolutionize the recycling industry. Our focus is on adding value to recycling materials, specifically fiberglass and composite materials, through our technology.

Environmental Solution

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The system

The production plant can handle wind turbine blades, decommissioned boats and industrial waste materials. Designed and constructed to meet our customer


All of our plants are designed and constructed with a focus on customer-specific requirements such as, capacity, material in & output.

We supply both stationary and mobile production facilities, you as the customer set the framework and limitations.

The plants have a long life and high resale value, due to the unique construction in containers. Our plants have moved locations changed owners several times and have yet been in operation for more than 20 years.

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We can build the systems to your specific requierements.

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