Recycling solutions for upcycling and waste handling of various materials

Isodan® Engineering

For more than 35 years, ISODAN Engineering has specialized in the designing, development and production of various solutions for shredding and recycling of multiple sorts of materials. ISODAN® systems are characterized by being mobile and delivered as fully Plug and Play ready solutions.

ISODAN® Engineering develops, designs and produces mobile production solutions for material recycling.

Recycling numerous sorts of materials

Our unique and various lines of production plants are capable of handling many different sorts of materials. Contact us and tell us exactly which material you require to recycle.  Our mobile production units are designed and constructed with a firm focus on customer-specific requirements, adapted specifically for shredding of many sorts and shapes of materials.

Mobile and innovative

  • Front-end production units for dust-free shredding and de-fibering of fiberglass and composite waste materials
  • Production plants for manufacturing  cellulose insulation based on recycled paper, newsprint and likewise
  • Productions lines for producing EPS granules based on recycling of EPS waste materials