Recycling solutions for upcycling and waste handling

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ISODAN® Engineering offer recycling solutions for upcycling and waste handling with purpose of transforming your waste into valuable resources.

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ISODAN® Engineering are the industry leader in creating innovative recycling solutions with a special focus on mobile production plants for producing cellulose-based insulation and handling fiberglass & composite materials.

Isodan Engineering

For more than 35 years, ISODAN Engineering has specialized in the designing, development and production of various solutions for shredding and recycling of multiple sorts of materials. ISODAN® Engineerings systems are characterized by being mobile and delivered as fully Plug and Play ready solutions.

Isodan Engineering Systems

Plug n' Play

The mobile production plants, makes it possible to bring the recycling process directly to your location.

1000 KG/H

The system has a capacity from 500 to 4500 kg/h

95 Dust

The plants is fitted with advanced seperation and self cleaning filtering system, which is able to separate everything from metal to fine dust particles.

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Our  mobile production facilities, ingeniously housed within shipping containers, are custom-designed to process a diverse range of waste materials.

From fiberglass and composite materials to cellulose-based products and beyond, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each project.

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