Production plant for recycling EPS materials

Plug and play ready solutions

For more than 35 years, ISODAN® has specialized in the development and production of production plants for shredding and recycling of different types of materials. ISODAN® systems are characterized by being mobile and delivered as Plug and Play ready solutions. Currently, we have developed and sold production facilities that are used in the different recycling areas.

EPS Materials

ISODAN® has developed a concept and a production plant for recycling EPS waste products, which are being partitioned and can be recycled as insulation granulates.
EPS (expanded polystyrene) is widely used. EPS granulates can be directly used for insulation or added as a component in different types of materials.

Mobile production facilities

Our standard production plants are built into 20-foot shipping containers, making them easy to transport to any location imaginable around the world. The plants mobility means that they can be located where there is easy access to raw materials and / or in the immediate neighborhood of the customers. This can save both expensive transport and handling costs, as well as it significantly reduces the total CO2 footprints of the products.

Customer specific

All of our plants are designed and constructed with a focus on customer-specific requirements such as, flexibility, operational stability, user-friendly and low operating costs. The plants have a long service life and a high resale value. Some of our insulation plants have moved locations, changed owners several times and have been in operation for more than 20 years.

The closed container solution ensures 100% control of the dust handling created during the material processing. This is, in particular, a crucial factor in the recycling of fiberglass and composite materials. The plants contain a unique technical solution for control and dust collection from the shredding processes.

Recycling of EPS materials

Environmental solution

EPS (expanded polystyrene) is widely used both as insulation material and in very large quantities as packaging / transport material. Much of these materials, after fulfilling their original purpose, are being disposed by waste incineration.

ISODAN has developed a concept and a production plant for recycling of EPS waste products, which are being partitioned and recycled into insulating granules or added to, for example, the manufacture of lightweight concrete. With this ISODAN solution, expensive manufactured EPS waste products can be upcycled for a new life and energy-promoting purposes for the benefit of both the environment as well as the economy.


Technical Information

  • ISODAN EPS decomposition plants are designed for enabling producing recycled EPS (flamingo) granules from every feasible form, such as packaging materials, building insulation panels and other EPS waste fractions.
  • The plant is designed with a keen focus on being very flexible and can thus be set to produce granular sizes from approx. Ø 20 mm to Ø3 mm, depending on the desired specification for the granular size.
  • The partitioning process takes place mechanically and in several stages from coarse to fine partitioning
  • The plant can be delivered both with and without drainage / storage silos, or with transport systems for blowing the EPS granulate in the transport container etc.
  • The input material is transported into the production line via transport and sorting conveyoer belts
  • The system can be operated by the use of only two operators
  • The system includes a number of automatic safety and control functions.
  • The regular service and maintenance can be performed by the operators operating the system.
  • The system is powered by electricity, 400 volts, 3 phases