Production plants for recycling Fiberglass & composite materials

Plug and play ready solutions

For more than 35 years, ISODAN® has specialized in developing, design and fabrication of production plants for shredding and recycling of different sorts of materials. ISODAN® systems are characterized by being mobile and are delivered as Plug and Play ready solutions. Currently we have supplied production facilities which are being used in variously fields of recycling.

Fiberglass and composite

Front-end production units for dust-free mechanical shredding of fiberglass and composite waste materials such as wind turbine blades etc.
Common to all our production plants is that they are compact and mobile plants, easy to set up for production and simple to operate. All plants are being delivered as plug and play ready solutions.

Mobile production facilities

Our standard production plants are built into 20-foot shipping containers, making them easy to transport to any location imaginable around the world. The plants mobility means that they can be located where there is easy access to raw materials and / or in the immediate neighborhood of the customers. This can save both expensive transport and handling costs, as well as it significantly reduces the total CO2 footprints of the products.

Customer specific

All of our plants are designed and constructed with a focus on customer-specific requirements such as, quality, operational stability, user-friendly and low operating costs. The plants have a long service life and a high resale value. Some of our cellulose insulation plants have moved locations changed owners several times and have been in operation for more than 20 years.

The closed container solution ensures 100% control of the dust handling. This is, in particular, a crucial factor in the recycling of fiberglass and composite materials. The plants contain a unique technical feature, negative air pressure solution, ensuring full control of dust collection process.

Environmental solution

Recycling of fiberglass and composite waste materials is often a major challenge, both for our global environment as for the handling process of the materials itself.

ISODAN® have developed a unique dust free and mobile production plant solution for recycling of fiberglass and composite waste materials – Plug and Play ready solution.

The ISODAN® Production Plant can handle wind turbine blades, decommissioned boats and industrial waste materials. Designed and constructed to meet our customers specific requirements

Harmful dust

One of the major challenges of glass fiber and composite material breakdown processing is the harmful dust nuisance that occurs during the shredding processes.

In our unique plant, the entire process takes place, from material introduction to the packaging of the refined products, in a safe and closed dust-free environment under negative air pressure, where all dust is recycled back into the process. This process ensures that there are no dust or unwanted residual products.


Technical Information

  • The production plants are built into shipping containers of either 20 or 40 feet, depending on capacity requirements.
  • The plant can be operated, and at full production capacity, by the use only one operator.
  • The plant can produce fiber lengths in flexible coarse and fiber lengths, depending on the specification of the end product.
  • The entire process from material insertion to final product outlet, takes place in negative air pressure which ensures that dust collection and shredding is fully controlled in a closed cycle. This process ensures a 100% dust-free working environment.
  • The system includes a number of automatic safety and control functions.
  • The regular service and maintenance can be performed by the operator operating the plant.
  • The production plant is powered by electricity, 400 volts, 3 phases

The production plant is divided into service-friendly sections containing
    • Conveyor belt material inlet
    • Rough subdivision unit
    • Transport and separation units
    • Vacuum filtration units
    • Fiber re-fining units
    • Control modules and switchboards
    • Process Monitoring Devices
    • Self-Cleaning Filter Unit
    • Material outlet locks
    • Screening system for finished fiber