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ISODAN® is a 100% Danish-owned company founded in 1974. 

ISODAN® is a pioneer in insulation with paper insulation in Denmark, and also started early to develop and sell mobile production facilities for the production of cellulose-based loose fiber insulation materials. The production facilities are mainly used to produce paper wool, wood fiber, hemp insulation and recycled EPS (Flamingo) granules.

sustainable focus

Since 1974, it has been a focus area to develop products that can promote sustainable solutions.

From 2015, ISODAN® has developed and sold production facilities for handling and shredding fiberglass and composite materials from, among other things, wind turbine blades, pleasure boats, surplus material from industry, etc.


quality and durability

The plants have a long service life, and we have active plants that are + 20 years - quality is in itself a more sustainable solution.

our contribution

We work continuously to ensure that the company's culture and decisions contribute positively to a sustainable future for both our local communities and the surrounding world. This means that in our choice of products and business areas, we purposefully search for solutions that are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, have a long service life and are reusable after having served their original purpose.

We work with our subcontractors and partners in this process in order to optimize sustainability in as many stages of the production chain as possible.

A difficult transition

It should be no secret that the transition to complete sustainability is at times a difficult transition process. Our products come from different subcontractors from different parts of the world, which in turn have their subcontractors, which means that there are a lot of companies involved in the manufacturing process. On the one hand, it is a challenge at the same time as it is also a gain, as the goal of sustainability is hereby extended to many companies in different parts of the world.

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